Gina Nastasa

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

My name is Gina and I am the mother of a 3 year old boy. I  have been an entrepreneur for 10 years and am a 1st year psychology student. I have always been people-oriented and wanted to understand what it took to build good relationships with the people around me.

My encounter with Hand in Hand Parenting was a true revelation. At that time, I was in a full personal development process. The relationship with my son was a little bit challenging as I was trying to raise him without punishing and without rewards. I found it difficult when the vast majority around me practiced these old ways of parenting. I felt I had no support in the great work I was doing. So, after taking a parenting class with Otilia Mantelers, I felt Hand in Hand was the safe spot in my life. I took a Starter Class and developed listening partnerships. The relationships with my son, my husband and family began to change in a wonderful way. I knew then that the wonderful tools Parenting by Connection offered were going to help many more parents that wanted to improve their parenting.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity and responsibility behind the name of Parenting By Connection Instructor.

You can find me on my blog  and my facebook page.



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