Grace “Megumi” Fleming

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

“The tools Hand in Hand Parenting offers,” says Grace, “help family members adore each other, while kindly and firmly limiting off-track behavior. That’s exactly what I longed for when I was growing up, and later, a mom doing her best.

“These tools empower parents with insight, skills, and support they need to confidently and warmly connect with their children. Children who feel that connection, in turn, bloom with hope and intelligence. These tools really work! I’ve witnessed sullen teens, fearful preteens, aggressive grade school children, and fussy babies recover their naturally trusting, caring, and sparkly selves. They thrive!

“What could be better than promoting the development of families and communities thinking and playing well? I love my job!”

Grace “Megumi” Fleming, M.S., is a bilingual storyteller, retired psychotherapist, wife, and mom of a grown son in Los Gatos, California. As a Hand in Hand Parenting Certified Instructor, she offers programs in Japanese and English.

You can email Grace to learn more about her services.

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