Hannah Gauri Ma

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Hannah Gauri Ma has two beautiful, radiant kids she gets to share her life with: Nika (born in 2009, just) and Kiko (born in 2014). These same kids can be in turns empathic, wise and generous or challenging, emotional and off-track… in short her training ground and life-teachers. 

Hannah studied psychology for her undergrad, because she has always been interested in learning about human nature and what makes us tick. An avid life-long learner, she also did a Masters in International Development and has studied nutrition, flower essences and NVC, among other things – always with an eye to help people help themselves. Then she become a mommy and it seemed only natural that all that passion for learning got focused on learning about better ways to parent. Even before having kids, Hannah was very clear children should be treated with respect, empathy, and as equals (in value, if not yet in knowledge). And so it was that (in 2011) she found her way to Hand in Hand Parenting and became a parenting instructor for this approach which brings together so many threads that are important to her. Above all, it is both heart-based and effective, research-backed and practical. She says:

“When I get it right, the Parenting by Connection tools make me feel like a ‘child-whisperer'… and not only with my own kids. I have seen them work on many different kids and have coached parents to use them with their kids, as I stand by them even, at times, and I have seen dynamics shift and difficult situations ease-up, sometimes very quickly.


“These tools give families a road-map. Baffling behavior becomes not only totally understood but also tamed (not always instantly… but over time). Parents gain the support, the true village they need. No-one can parent ‘perfectly' and no-one can parent alone but little by little we can support each other to be the best parents we can be. 


“One of the things I most love about this approach is that it puts not just connection but also joy and playfulness back at the centre of our relationship with children – that is precious and makes parenting not just easier but also more fun!” 

Her special interest areas include homeschooling, giftedness, and sibling relations. Through her experience with her own kids and as a volunteer in various learning co-ops, Hannah understands kids who are ‘high needs’, intense, highly sensitive and who are on various points on the spectrum, have sensory processing issues or are otherwise unique and special. 

And she just loves working directly with parents and seeing the teachings transform their family lives. “This stuff is powerful”, she enthuses. 

Hannah runs the Facebook page ‘Loving Earth Mama’ and helps manage the Q&A page for ‘the Way of the Peaceful Parent’ also on Facebook. Come find her there or join one of her courses or book a one-to-one session. She can’t wait to meet you!

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