Heidrun Matthies

After an extensive career in human resources, Heidrun was looking forward to changing her life journey by becoming a stay-at-home mother. Not ever having been much around babies and children before giving birth herself, Heidrun was in awe and in shock about the complexity of raising children which does not seem to be on the forefront of public concern. Discovering the Parenting by Connection approach put Heidrun at ease and gave her lots of hope that our generation and the one growing up can be capable of tackling the challenges that our times present.

By using the various Parenting by Connection listening tools, Heidrun was able to assist her son with healing several traumatic experiences as well as overcoming a diagnosed speech disorder.  In addition, using this approach has helped her develop closer relationships with her family, friends, other parents and people in general. Born and raised in Germany, Heidrun now resides in Santa Cruz, California, and is able to guide you in the Parenting by Connection approach both in English and German. Contact Heidrun via email at hsmfun@yahoo.com

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