Jayne McEniry

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Jayne is a social worker and has been working as a parenting consultant and Parenting by Connection facilitator since 2010.  Jayne was first introduced to Hand in Hand and Parenting by Connection in 2009 and began the Certification training in 2010.

From Jayne:

I have found Parenting by Connection to have amazing benefits for parents and children. It has been an eye opener to see how children respond to being listened to and to how regular connection through Special Time builds children’s feelings of self-esteem and resilience.

When I first began staylistening with my daughter, I could see how she responded and after shedding tears or feelings of frustration, she was calmer and so connected with me. In fact after one staylistening session when I set a limit, she had a good cry and afterwards said to me” you’re a good mum.” I was amazed.

However there have been many times she has also said the opposite, particularly during the teen years.  I am so glad I had the Parenting by Connection tools to help her and also that I was able to access support myself through Listening Partnerships. My daughter is now 23 years old and I am still staylistening with her when she needs to talk. I also have regular listening time myself for my own self-care and so that I am better able to listen to others.

Jayne lives in Perth Western Australia

To connect with Jayne you can email her at parenting@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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