Jodi Baygood

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Jodi's journey with Hand-in-Hand Parenting began in 2009. She visited the website regularly and was so inspired by the articles that Jodi enrolled in the Instructor's Certification course. The certification course changed her relationship with not only her daughter but also with her husband, friends and all the children in her life. Jodi is dedicated to connecting and sharing Hand in Hand's precious tools with every parent who was interested in having a more fulfilling life. Jodi says, “Hand in Hand Parenting has changed my life and my work in the world.”

Jodi is married (Her husband is also a dedicated parent and recommends the Building Emotional Understanding classes). They have one daughter, Kaya, who is 3 1/2 years old.  They live in Maui, Hawaii.

Jodi is an art therapist and yoga instructor. She currently leads workshops for adults and children. Jodi travels internationally. Jodi is currently working with individual families from all over the world and giving Hand in Hand Parenting talks in Maui, Hawaii.  She loves yoga, meditation, painting, hiking, skiing, swimming, singing, and dancing under the stars.

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