Julie Nevison

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Julie Nevison is grateful to have been introduced to the Parenting By Connection listening tools in 1990 when her 3 daughters (including twins) were just infants and toddlers. The listening tools helped Julie support her family through such life experiences as divorce, single parenting, step-parenting and chronic illness. Julie found that using the listening tools when her daughters were young created a close connection that prevented problems in the teenage years. That was proof to Julie that Parenting By Connection works!  She now enjoys a close loving relationship with her three adult daughters who are emotionally balanced, very fun, and highly functioning in their lives.

Julie loves to teach Parenting By Connection to help parents support their children’s emotional health and help children feel unconditionally loved and accepted by their parents.  Julie has used Parenting By Connection tools since 1990 and became a certified instructor in 2005.  She is the founder of a Moms Club and is a former volunteer at Child Abuse and Neglect.  She also has over 30 years experience in the nutrition field.

Julie is building a Parenting By Connection community, teaching classes, and holding support groups in San Luis Obispo County. Contact Julie directly at (805) 630-6281 and JulieNevison@yahoo.com

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