Kate Dailey

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Kate Dailey first learned about Hand in Hand Parenting when she had two young boys and a baby girl and knew that she needed better information and more support for her parenting. Kate always had a sense that there was a better way to parent, beyond the traditional tactics she was regularly advised to use. She thought – I know what I don’t to do, but what do I do in the face of challenging behavior? She had a son who could get very aggressive and was at a loss of what to do. When she discovered Hand in Hand parenting through one of her many online searches for good information, she started testing out the tools at home. After seeing that these ideas were well thought out, made sense and were resulting in a happier home, she decided to give it a try with a 6 week starter class. Kate will never forget the first time she successfully offered stay listening to one of her children and how after the tantrum was over, her child was happy and easy going. The problems that had cropped up over and over again through the day were gone! It felt like magic. 

Kate and her husband now use Hand in Hand’s parenting by connection tools every day. It has completely transformed her family and she is passionate about sharing these simple yet powerful tools with others. Kate loves to support parents who are dealing with aggression and separation anxiety among other concerns in their children. She is passionate about listening to parents as they revisit their own life experiences and piece together a more coherent narrative which allows them to work on healing their own emotional hurdles so those unresolved issues from the past won’t interrupt their loving responses to their own children in the moment. Kate lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and three children and offers one-on-one coaching, group classes and parent education at local schools.


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