Kathryn Jones

Kathryn JonesKathryn is a mother of 5 children aged 3 to 16. With so many children she gets plenty of opportunity to use the Parenting by Connection tools and knows just how powerful and life changing they are! Kathryn completed her degree as a school teacher. While ‘prac’ teaching, Kathryn learned the size of the challenge for teachers, who are very often trying to impart knowledge to children who are feeling ‘disconnected’, without the resources (due to usual classroom sizes) to really offer the connection that children need in order to learn. Knowing that a strong parent-child relationship keeps children feeling connected, after some deep thought, she decided that the way she most wanted to use her teaching skills, was to teach Parenting by Connection to parents. In this way, she can make a vital difference to parents and teachers, as well as to children.

Kathryn loves to work with parents of children, and has a particular passion for supporting parents of teenagers. She has learnt that it is never too late to build the close, loving, mutually-respectful relationship you want with your child. Parenting by Connection, in fact, gave her back her hope when she was able to use the tools so effectively with her teenage children.

Kathryn also has both passion and experience in working with multicultural groups, supporting their parenting in an inclusive and respectful manner.  Kathryn provides leadership to women in the Muslim community across the world through delivery of a variety of online classes.

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