Kim Sutton

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Kim took her first Building Emotional Understanding Course in 2012 and immediately found what she was hearing made more sense than anything she had heard before about parenting.

“I was trundling along as a new parent of a toddler and young baby, thinking things were going along as normal – a few toddler tantrums here, a couple of sleep ‘issues' there… Nothing different from what anyone else seemed to be experiencing.  Yet the mainstream suggestions made no difference; the authoritarian measures felt too harsh; and the passivity of ‘giving in' didn't accommodate my own needs.  Then, a good friend suggested the Building Emotional Understanding Course and, even though I didn't think I needed a course, I went ahead.  And boy am I glad I did!  I almost instantly felt a clarity in my parenting that I previously hadn't experienced – as though I had the secret key.

What I learnt blew me away and made so much sense, that continuing on the journey by training to become an instructor was a natural progression.  I want to yell from the roof tops, ‘We can do this a better way!  For everyone!'  I feel so passionate about sharing this with other parents.  My son, Caspar, and daughter, Stevie, relish in the extra laughs and attention we give them, and my hope for them to be close and connected to us for a long time to come is real and viable.

Kim has a long history of playing and coaching sports, and hopes the enthusiasm and energy that she brings to her Parenting by Connection teaching helps other parents to get excited about the future with their own families.

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