Leonie Melenhorst

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I live in The Netherlands with my two young daughters and husband. Since the day they were born, listening and playing with my girls is a great adventure and joy in my life.

I’m grateful that my mother was familiar with the benefits of listening and play in parenting when I grew up. When I became a mother myself, I became aware of how little time and support there is for parents to raise their children in the way they want. I found it heartbreaking that children are stopped so often when they are releasing their emotions and that parents have to deal with feelings like guilt, desperation, and isolation. I knew that parents needed way more support and appreciation for the important work they are doing, but how?

When I started with Hand in Hand Parenting, I felt relieved to find an approach that acknowledged the hard work of parents and had developed practical tools around listening and play in parenting. Hand in Hand Parenting gave me a lot of insights about setting limits lovingly and using listening and play to make the hard moments with my girls easier. It also helped me to get a better understanding of the way I get upset myself during the everyday challenges with my girls. The power of sharing listening time as parents made it possible for me to think more clearly about topics like sibling rivalry, separation and aggression.

Because I love to support people in their development, I work as a parent coach and as a Human Resource Development consultant for small organisations. As a parent coach I offer one on one consultations and teach about the Hand in Hand tools both in Dutch and English. I have a special interest in working with parents of babies. Supporting parents in understanding why their babies cry and how to listen and play with them is a great way to help the parent and child to connect right from the start and build a close relationship.

The broad perspective of Hand in Hand Parenting that changing parenting is changing the world is really inspiring me. It’s wonderful to be able to support parents in raising children who thrive and are able to think well about themselves and the world around them.

Do you want to get in touch? Please contact me via my website www.nabijcoaching.nl or email me at leonie@nabijcoaching.nl

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