Lisa Tripp, Ph.D.

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Lisa Tripp, Ph.D., lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her partner and school-aged son. She has been using the tools of Hand in Hand since her son was born and is deeply inspired by the approach.

“The Hand in Hand approach has been so useful to me and my family. It has helped me remember what my son really needs from me when he’s struggling emotionally or acting ‘off track,’ and it has helped me get the support I need to be the kind of parent I want to be. For example, whenever I feel frustrated, stuck, or unsure about how to respond to my son, I use listening partnerships. With the support of listening from other parents, I am able to come back to the situation with renewed energy, creativity, and a fresh approach. This has been so helpful and made it possible for our family to stay close and connected, even while dealing with big stresses and challenges.”

Lisa also has a Ph.D. in Communication and has a background in researching and teaching related to children’s media use, media literacy education, and film/media studies. As well as being a Hand-in-Hand Instructor, Lisa works as a Teaching Professor at Florida State University.

To reach Lisa, email [email protected]

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