Lucy Allen

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Lucy is mother to two beautiful girls aged twenty months apart. She has been practicing Parenting by Connection since her older daughter was one and has come to a deep understanding of how children’s emotions work. By applying the Listening Tools in her own family she has observed the transformation of difficult parenting moments into opportunities for connection and healing.

A trained Counsellor with an understanding of family systems theory, Lucy has worked supporting parents in both one-on-one consultations and group settings. She also has experience working as a childbirth educator and doula. Lucy believes that regular listening time for parents and solid parent support is a gift to parents, their children and the broader community.  She finds inspiration and has great enthusiasm in sharing these tools with other families.

Some of Lucy’s areas of interest include supporting new parents to gain perspective on their baby’s crying, sibling issues, introducing playful parenting strategies, supporting parents to discuss the difficult aspects of parenting and introducing Parenting by Connection to child care workers.

“I love hearing the stories of how this approach has changed the lives of the parents I work with. We are all on this parenting journey together and we are growing a community that is supportive of this important work. I hold a vision of a connected, emotionally aware generation of children bringing co-operation and peace to our families and planet. “

Lucy lives in Sydney, Australia where she teaches Parenting by Connection. You can contact her through her on Facebook.

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