Lyra L’Estrange, PhD

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Learning the Parenting by Connection approach has been the greatest gift to Lyra’s parenting.  She has seen the transformative effects of the Listening Tools within her own family, and with those to whom she has taught the approach. She feels that having this knowledge empowers parents with valuable skills and information from which to draw from when challenging situations arise. She believes the support offered by the Parenting by Connection approach is what sets it apart from the many other parenting approaches out there.

Lyra says, “I love seeing fellow parent's faces light up with understanding as they find a way to be with their children that is so nurturing and connecting. I love seeing the weight lift from their shoulders as they rediscover the light-heartedness, and the fun, in parenting! And I love seeing children flourish and grow, their resilience building, with this vital sense of connection with their parents restored and nurtured.”

In 2007, Lyra completed a PhD in Public Health and now puts her research and teaching skills into practice with her current work as a certified Parenting by Connection Instructor. She is dedicated to learning each day from her two children, fellow parents, and through a keen interest in reading and keeping up to date with the latest research. Lyra is also an accredited Aware Parenting Instructor, through the Aware Parenting Institute.

Lyra lives north-west of Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. She teaches Parenting by Connection through local talks, online and in person classes and support groups. You can contact her through her website or find her on Facebook. You can also read about how she has used Parenting by Connection with her family here.

Here is what parents are saying about Lyra’s Parenting by Connection Starter Classes:

“Thank you Lyra for your warm, gracious and wise approach to understanding children's emotions. I have already seen and felt enormous benefits and changes within myself and my children. For me, it's about getting permission to love your children unconditionally and with empathy and compassion.” ~ Jessica.

“The class has inspired me to live more simply in order to allow more time to be with my family. It has helped make a priority what is so very important to me. Thanks Lyra!”
~ Nathan, father of two.

“I really am relieved to have the skill of StayListening. It has changed my world to understand how to work with children’s emotions by just being present.” ~ Regina, mum of two.

“This class has provided me with another way to interact with my children that is different to my “default parenting style.” It has also been helpful devoting time to reflect, learn and practice new methods of interacting with my children.” ~ Henry, proud father of three wild boys!

“It has given me the tools to do better. To do something differently than how I was parented. I now know how to handle tricky situations and am feeling more prepared……..Special Time has really made a HUGE impact on my relationship with my son.”~ A grateful mum.


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