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Madeleine says, “the best thing I ever did was become a parent.  I don’t want any parent to feel bad about themselves as a parent.  No matter what the struggle, we parents are the bravest, most dedicated bunch of people I ever came across, and I feel so proud to be one.”

Madeleine was lucky to be introduced to Hand in Hand Parenting many years before becoming a parent, and has been working with families using the approach for over 20 years.  Witnessing how her own child used these Listening Tools from the beginning inspired her to share them more actively with other parents and carers. Based in Sydney Australia, since 2009 she's been working with as a Parent Coach with parents of babies through to teens,  around the world, helping them build their connection with their children and solve parenting problems.

“What I love about Hand in Hand Parenting is that it offers practical ways to recover from the mistakes we make, learn from them, and prevent difficulties in future.  It means we can support and love our children the way we dreamed we would, when we first became parents. I’m not a fantastic parent or a natural player – but these Listening Tools work.  In many ways, Hand in Hand (and a kitchen timer) saved the play at our house! ”

Hand in Hand has helped me from the start to understand that parenting is real work.  Hard work, good work, but real work.  One of the hardest things is not having people to plan with, share with, problem-solve with, get help from about the work of parenting. Any other job as complex as this would be much better supported.  There’s nothing more of a relief as a parent than the knowledge that someone else knows, is committed to and is thinking about your children.  And it turns out we can do this for each other.  It’s a special thing to have someone pay you warm attention as you work out for yourself what you want to do about a particular parenting challenge or difficulty. You get to work out what will fit with your family, in your community, in your culture.”

Madeleine often works with her husband, an experienced Hand in Hand father. Together, they use the Listening Tools in their own parenting and relationship with one another.  They love to share these Tools with friends, and like nothing better than a good old Saturday night family-and-friends roughhouse.

Madeleine loves working with all parents, and has worked extensively with families from a broad range of cultures, and families for whom English is not the first language.  She also loves to work with fathers. “Fathers have such a special role to play in family life, and they get so little attention as dads”.

Madeleine runs workshops and courses flexibly to meet the needs of parents, from 1 hour one-off events through to the 6 week  Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class.  She works with parents, individually and in groups, coaching them in the Listening Tools.  Her workshops and courses can be structured around common parenting challenges, and present each of the six Hand in Hand Listening Tools as appropriate.

You can contact Madeleine at or visit her web site at

Here’s what some parents have said about her work:

“Madeleine has helped me and my two year old son's life move forward in wonderful directions. I have been working with her for a year now and am so impressed by her solid foundation and integration of the Hand in Hand Fundamentals.  She has a deep, rich understanding of human behavior and great insight into challenging behaviors.  Right from the first consultation she was able to focus in on the specifics of my child's situation.  Every problem she has helped me with- from my son's sleep, to his hitting, to dealing with co-parenting struggles, Madeleine has lead me to a cooperative, caring and empowering solution. In addition, to all the technical support is Madeleine's warmth, complete acceptance, lightheartedness and loving personality.  She is able to awaken me to the fact that I am the perfect parent for my child and in all actuality, despite how bad I feel, I am parenting very well.” A mother, in Texas, who has joined Support Calls and Consultations with Madeleine


“It’s working! What you’ve suggested is actually helping me not only understand these unique little people but it seems to work well with my husband too! And for the first time in ages I’ve been enjoying parenting. This is a huge shift. Thank you.”  Mother, in Sydney, of 4 year old twins and 5 year old, who attended talks on “Why Can’t They Just Get Along? Some Solutions for Sibling Rivalries” and “Why Won’t They Just Do What I Say? Limit Setting Without Saying Time-Out” and has worked with Madeleine one-on-one.


“Madeleine has helped me transform my relationship with my 12 year old daughter through her encouragement, listening, and guidance.  I was feeling like the worst parent ever and wondering how I could make it through the next 6 years!  I'm much better able not to take all the things my daughter says personally and stay open to connecting with her.  I have participated in both one on one  and group telephone calls.  I feel like I'm not alone anymore!” Mother in Arizona, who has joined Support Calls for Parents of Pre-Teens and Teens, which Madeleine runs regularly.

I really enjoyed having Madeleine Winter as my instructor for the Hand In Hand Starter Class. She took time with each participant on the call with such an authentic, caring attitude. She offered suggestions to enhance the Hand In Hand techniques specific to each situation. I learned a lot about myself and my child in her class.” ~ A parent in the Online Starter Class

Not sure where to start, or how Madeleine can help you?  Book a Free Short Consultation with her, and she can get a picture of your particular parenting challenges, and refer you to the best support and resources to fit your needs.


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