Marieke Sluijs

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Marieke is the loving mother of a little boy and girl. Together with her husband and kids, she lives  in the center of the Netherlands. Apart from being a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, she is a clinical psychologist and mindfulness trainer.

“Being a parent for the first time brought lots of love and lots of stress to me and my family. My daughter had a rough start and it was not easy to parent her initially. I read every book on parenting I could lay my hands on, but I was not satisfied.

At one point I accidentally found out about Hand in Hand Parenting. I started reading and following courses. My enthusiasm grew and grew: this was finally a parenting approach that spoke to my heart and was in line with what I knew to be true about the human mind and about healing.

Using the tools in our family, we thrive. It is a journey of growth for all of us.  A journey of ever expanding love and playfulness.

I am deeply passionate about sharing the knowledge of Hand in Hand Parenting with other parents and supporting them in the amazing work they do.  Some areas of my expertise are; trauma, sleep issues, dealing with aggression, using playful parenting with young children, and dealing with sibling rivalry. I also have a great interest in what it means to parent with your partner.”

As an experienced therapist  Marieke  feels comfortable in being with the personal pain and trauma issues we encounter in parenting. Compassion, warmth, and humor are important elements in her way of working and connecting.

You can connect with Marieke via her website.


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Children don't say, “I had a hard day at school today; can I talk to you about it?” They say, “Will you play with me?”
Lawrence J. Cohen, Playful Parenting

De weg naar het hart een kind vind je door spel. Wanneer je het hart van een kind bereikt, zal hij/zij niets liever doen dan ook met jou meebewegen.

26 mei geven Marieke Sluijs en Leonie Melenhorst  een workshop spelend opvoeden. We onderzoeken hoe je spel kunt gebruiken om de ouder- kind relatie te versterken, om angsten en agressie te helen, om rivaliteit tussen broers en zussen te verminderen en zelfs om huiswerk te maken! Wat je probleem in de opvoeding ook is, grote kans dat ‘spelen' een deel van de oplossing is!


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