I’m Marilupe, and I’m glad you’re here today. I am a Mexican mom living in the US with my husband and my two amazing girls.

I feel fortunate that I get to share this gem I found called Hand in Hand Parenting with you.  This approach connected me to my girls in ways I had only dreamed before I had them. I used to say, “I want my (future) children to know -in every neuron, and every cell- that I am there, TRULY there for them. No matter what.”

Then, my incredibly passionate and strong girl was born. And so were my fears, and isolation, and overwhelm. I found myself reacting, yelling in anger and crying myself to sleep thinking, “How in the world am I going to help this child?

Little did I know that my upbringing as the youngest child in a very large family, in which death and emotional repression were present, would make it very hard for me to parent in the balanced, calm way that my girl needed.
And the strong social expectations I faced to make my baby stop crying only added to the stress. She. Just. Wouldn’t. And I felt like I was failing her.

The toddler years were no easier.

And then I discovered it. And the adventure began. I started using the tools I learned from Hand in Hand and a spark appeared in her eye. A spark I had never seen before. Suddenly, there was now room for giggles. And for tears. For her growth, and for mine. For healing. For flexibility and relaxed muscle tone. For facing fears, for conquering sibling rivalry and finally, for an embrace in which I could FEEL her as mine.

So I invite you to explore it in your family, and to be amazed by where it takes you. Yes, this approach might get messy. And hard. Because parenting CAN be hard. But using it gives me support, and tools, and hope. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Want to join me?

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Listen to one of my favorite Special Time anecdotes here!


¡Hola! Soy Marilupe, mamá mexicana viviendo en los Estados Unidos con mi esposo y dos hermosas nenas. Y me siento afortunada de que estés aquí, pues puedo compartir contigo esta joya maravillosa que encontré: Las herramientas de Hand in Hand Parenting, con las que hoy hago vida lo que antes de ser mamá soñé: “Quiero que mis hijos sepan que estoy ahí, realmente ahí para ellos. Con cada célula. Con cada neurona. Que no les quepa la menor duda.”

No siempre fue así. Mis primeros meses, ¡y años! como madre, fueron mucho más difíciles de lo que pensaba. Pronto descubrí que las fuertes emociones de mi hija me rebasaban, y que ella necesitaba mucha más paz en mí de la que yo le estaba ofreciendo.

Y entonces descubrí esta filosofía. Empecé la aventura y encontré un nuevo brillo en sus ojos. Con él, llegó también un nuevo espacio para la risa, y para las lágrimas. Para su crecimiento, y el mío. Para sanar viejas heridas. Para enfrentar miedos y aceptarnos así. Como somos.
La conexión que ha resultado es realmente profunda…

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