Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Michelle Pate

Michelle Pate, Parenting by Connection, Central OregonMichelle is a Hand in Hand Instructor living in Washington.

She says, “My commitment to Parenting by Connection grew as I saw that, no matter how challenging my daughter's behavior was, if I focused on connecting with her, we came through the situation feeling closer and happier. On the flip side, if I moved toward reasoning or threats, our relationship became one big power struggle! These changes were so significant for me I had to learn more and share these tools with other parents.”

Michelle loves helping parents find creative solutions to their parenting dilemmas. She will hold the space for you to explore the challenges you are facing, share how the listening tools can work in your family, and help you find the answers within yourself that are right for you and your family. She will share how to build deeper connections with your children, how you can set limits with love and warmth, and offer ideas on how to tackle “hot button” issues playfully.

You can work one-on-one with Michelle through her consulting services or sign up for one of her classes in the Seattle area. For more details you can contact her directly by emailing michelle@handinhandparenting.org or connect with her on her Facebook page.



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