Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S.

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Mihaela is the lucky mother of an 8-year old boy, a co-parent and a college professor in Miami, Florida. She became very intentional about conscious parenting ever since her son was born and kept searching for tools to help her raise her son in an emotionally safe environment. She found Hand in Hand Parenting and never looked back. After taking the Starter Class and applying the tools in her family, she decided to become a certified instructor because she felt it was urgent for other parents to learn about the 5 listening tools that have the power to transform and heal the child-parent relationship.

Her favorite topics to teach parents are: how children’s emotions work and the neuroscience behind it; why tantrums and other off-track behaviors are good “messengers” and need to be welcomed in every family; how to handle anger and aggression in children; the difficulties of toxic co-parenting and how to make it easier for everyone involved; why every parent deserves support and how to incorporate self- care in the parent-child relationship.

To attend one of her parenting classes in the Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, or to schedule a 1:1 consultation session, message her on Instagram at @mihaelapl ; or visit her website at https://mihaelaplugarasu.com.

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