Otilia Mantelers

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Otilia Mantelers is the happy mom of three great children, almost 7, 5 and 3, who have changed her life completely. She also has a wonderful husband, Jo. Otilia started her career as a certified accountant, but changed course by choosing to become a psychologist and a parenting trainer. Since 2011 Otilia has been leading parent workshops in Playful Parenting and she also does play therapy with other children apart from her own.

“Parenting by Connection has changed my life. The listening tools have become a part of my daily routine and have helped change the way I connect with my children and with my husband. I don’t see ‘problem children’ in the world anymore. I only see children who need connection and lots of listening through play and staylistening.”

Otilia has a blog in Romanian called “Joc si Emotii” (Play and Emotions): http://otilia-mantelers.urbankid.ro/ where she shares with her Romanian community stories of love that she lives next to her children. She writes articles for several parenting websites and is also the coordinator of the parenting collection books for Herald Publishing House from Romania. Next year she will also write a parenting book. Otilia speaks Romanian, English and Dutch.





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