Philippa Ewer, MPsych(clinical)

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I am currently practicing as a Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand. I was introduced to Hand in Hand Parenting by a dear friend back in 2019, and for that, I am forever grateful. Both my clinical work and how I parent my four young children have been strongly influenced by this research-grounded approach, whereby the quality of the relationship and emotional connection between the parent and the child are at the heart of parenting.

Hand in Hand Parenting has shone a light on the unique qualities of my four children, providing me with a deeper understanding and renewed confidence of their needs. Just as importantly, Hand in Hand Parenting has also given me the tools for transformational growth within myself, and support through many a tough parenting moment.

I have found each of the Hand in Hand Parenting tools very adaptable for the age of each of my children, having had experience using them with babies, toddlers, children, and tweens.

Hand in Hand Parenting has paved the way for major milestones in our family such as relocating to a new country, preparing for the arrival of another sibling, adjusting to life with a new baby in the home, medical procedures, starting school, and developmental changes (interacting with other children, increasing independence, “fussy” eating, and toileting). While Hand in Hand Parenting is not about behaviour change per se, time and time again it is incredible to see the shift that occurs in my children’s behaviour when using the tools.

I would be honoured for you to invite me to journey beside you, supporting you as you discover Hand in Hand Parenting and all that it has to offer.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via


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