Raluca Zagura

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

My name is Raluca and I am a mother of two kids. I live in London, UK, and before embarking on the Hand In Hand Parenting Instructor journey I worked for almost 15 years as a Computer Engineer, having a BSc in Computer Science.

My parenting journey started in 2013, with the birth of my son. That’s the year I realised how emotionally and psychologically challenging parenting is.

When my son was about 3-4 months old, I watched a televised interview with a Hand In Hand Parenting Instructor who was talking about a parenting approach that involved seeing beyond the behaviour, connecting with your child and playfully helping children thrive and overcome fears. I was intrigued and hooked. 

I dived into the Hand In Hand Parenting website and I decided to give it a try as something felt right. It looked like I had finally found a non-judgmental and compassionate approach that deeply resonated with my intuition and values, one that was based on science, looked beyond children’s behaviour, relied on connection, helped children become who they truly are and supported the adults to heal old hurts.

In 2015 we welcomed our daughter into the world. I felt more challenged than ever in my efforts to offer two children the safe emotional environment I wanted them to grow in. I continued to use these non-punitive tools and they profoundly enriched my ways of parenting. Seeing them in action within our family has been beautiful – there are more laughter and cooperation, and a huge reduction in the sorts of reactions in myself. Challenging parenting moments have turned into opportunities for connection and laughter, healing and growth. 

Seeing the benefits of using the tools and wanting to learn more, to gain an even deeper understanding and to become able to ‘pay it forward’ by offering parents the well-deserved support in the amazing work they do to. I decided to enrol in the year-long Instructor Training Program in 2020, certifying the following year.

I want to bring understanding, compassion, long-lasting connection, deep healing and joy to my community. To empower parents to develop into the parents they want to be. To support them to find the answers within that are right for their families and to meet their children’s needs and behaviours.

I have personal experience using these tools and I can support you to bring more balance and joy into your everyday life as a parent through:

  • building connection and resolving challenges through play
  • working with parents who are welcoming a new sibling
  • getting creative with multiple children, tackling sibling rivalry
  • helping parents who struggle with kids’ aggressive behaviour
  • supporting parents to support their children while releasing tensions, anger, frustration
  • navigating separation anxiety and school struggles
  • facing the sleep challenges (at bedtime, sleeping through the night or transitioning children from co-sleeping to their own room)
  • responding well to children's tantrums and off-track signals in ways that build close family relationships
  • setting limits warmly, lovingly and firmly
  • offering ideas for how to tackle the ‘hot buttons’ playfully
  • supporting parents to incorporate self-care in the parent-child relationship

I enjoy offering talks, leading study groups and running support groups flexibly to meet the needs of parents and offering personalized parent consultations (in person or online/by phone). I am able to guide you in the Parenting by Connection approach both in English and Romanian.

I'd love to have the chance to support you on your journey regardless of where in the world you are – so make sure to get in touch with me via:

* www.parentbyconnection.com

* instagram.com/parentbyconnection

* facebook.com/parentbyconnection

You can also read articles written by me here.

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