Roma is mother to a sweet boy and girl, who she adores. She is also a Doula and a Breastfeeding Counsellor and has been supporting parents since 2006. Before finding Hand in Hand, her family life felt chaotic and challenging. She has long been inspired by the potential for positive impact on families and communities that Parenting by Connection holds.

She says “What drew me to the Parenting by Connection training with Hand in Hand Parenting was actually having intense, inexplicable nerve pain in my left hand following Artemis’ birth. It was debilitating and prevented me from connecting deeply with those around me. I sensed I needed to do some work on my childhood and how I had been parented. We were also finding it very difficult with Zephyr, who is an intense, sensitive, aggressive and anxious child and I wanted to be able to really help him and keep his sister safe. I am so excited to offer these transformational parenting tools, which serve as not only a way to help children feel more co-operative, but also bring long lasting connection to families and and deep healing to parents.

I feel like a parenting ninja when I can skilfully diffuse situations that used to be tricky, by using play. The Listening Partnership tool has been transformational for me. I am now so much less reactive and naturally affectionate and playful. I find myself falling into prolonged laughter several times a day! I want more families to experience the connection, ease and fun that we now have.”

Her areas of experience lie with siblings, separation, aggression, fearful/anxious children, picky eating, setting limits, child and adult trauma, illness and she enjoys finding creative ways to engage children with getting dressed or personal hygiene.

Roma was so patient and giving and held clear boundaries, which helped me feel safe to carry on.

“She let me join the course using Skype, which was really helpful and flexible and I was often late as my children wouldn't go to bed and she managed it skilfully and graciously, not allowing me to feel bad. She gently guided in a way that was very professionally handled. Thanks Roma – I wouldn't have accessed this support if it wasn't for you, I couldn't afford it or get out of the house either.”

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