Safaa Eldeeb

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I  am a mom to one boy, 6 years old. From the moment I became pregnant I really wanted to be the perfect mother for him.

The first 2 years went well. Then, once he started going to the nursery, I started facing many difficulties. I often found his behaviour challenging and I noticed a lot of nervousness & anger inside me. I was no longer the mum that I aspired to be.
I tried many different things to return to that cool mom that I had been before but nothing helped long term.
When I discovered Hand in Hand parenting and took the starter class, I was fascinated by the idea of solving my problems by gaining a deep understanding of what is actually happening inside my child’s brain in these challenging moments and by learning to respond in ways that actually help the brain to function better.
My journey took a lot of work on myself and with my son to help me understand both of us. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it because it was the one thing that brought lasting change for our family.
Since I started practicing Hand in Hand tools I am feeling much happier and confident as a mum again. Dealing with tantrums and crying has become much easier for me. I feel equipped to  help him through difficult times and heal after negative experiences. His challenging behaviour has reduced significantly. It also shows at school and I am so pleased to hear from his teachers that he is getting on much better.
Now I am passionate about helping other mothers overcome difficulties and build stronger connections with her family throughout their parenting journey too.
You can find more about me at
Or just email me at: [email protected]
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