Sandra Flear, RP, DipTIRP, CPI

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Sandra, RP, DipTIRP, CPI is the mother of two school-age children, a daughter and a son, in Toronto, Canada. She has been using Parenting by Connection tools since 2007, and became a certified instructor in 2012. Sandra is a registered psychotherapist, in private practice since 2005, specializing in working with adults who have experienced childhood trauma. More about her therapy practice.

Sandra finds Parenting by Connection tools the most intelligent, practical, and emotionally connecting parenting resource she has come across, and they have made a huge difference in her life, and in the lives of her children. She feels grateful to have them, and would love to offer them to as many parents and children as possible. Sandra is particularly interested in working with parents who have experienced trauma and children who are working through fear and aggression.

You can read about Sandra's use of Parenting by Connection in her own family on our blog.

Listen to this 3 Minute audio clip (Sandra Flear), in which she describes how you can help your listening partner release emotions. You can contact Sandra via email, at

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