Sharon Ryder

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Sharon and her family live in Perth, Western Australia. She is the mother of a primary school-aged boy. Sharon is a speech pathologist who works with young children who have a disability and their families. She has been using the Hand in Hand Parenting, Parenting by Connection approach and listening tools since 2013.

Sharon finds the Hand in Hand Parenting approach to be the most respectful and kind way of guiding children that she has encountered.

She first learned about Hand in Hand after a particularly tough couple of years. Her first child was stillborn and her second child, a healthy baby boy, was born just a year later. Hand in Hand was life changing for Sharon and her family. She discovered a completely new way of relating to her son through focusing on his emotional needs, as well as learning to consider and attend to her own emotional needs.

Sharon is keen to share theHand in Hand Parenting Connection tools with other families of young children and welcomes the chance to work with families of children who have a disability.


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