Shelley Macy, Certified Hand in Hand Instructor

Shelley Macy believes wholeheartedly in the power of parents, in their goodness, and in how much they want good lives for their children.

She has been an early childhood educator since 1972, has two adult children, four adult step-children, and 8 grandchildren.  Shelley has been using the tools of Hand in Hand since her own children were small, and most recently has used Parenting by Connection as the guiding philosophy and practice in her 26 years as an early childhood education and parenting instructor at Northwest Indian College near Bellingham, WA, in the United States.

Shelley is fond of saying that the Hand in Hand approach is unique in that it is both thoughtful toward children and is supporting and kind toward parents and others who care for young children.

You can connect with Shelley by emailing her directly at [email protected].



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