Skye Munro

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I know what it means to feel challenged, depleted of parenting energy and in need of a little parenting cheerleading. As a Children’s Services Educator for 15 years, I thought I had all the answers for what it means to be an effective parent until I had my own kids. I was used to thinking about strategies to control or modify children’s behavior, but suddenly some of the skills I had learnt and taught didn't feel right anymore.

As I struggled with my daughter’s sleep issues and my son’s developmental delays I found support through Hand in Hand's Parenting by Connection approach.

I learnt to view my relationship with my children as a two-way interpersonal relationship. I learnt how to partner with my children by understanding their emotions and supporting them through difficult feelings.  And, as a bonus, I got a tonne of support myself – all of which has strengthened mine and my children’s relationship so much.

The results?

I was able to lovingly listen to my daughter while she cried in my arms, and you know what? She finally started sleeping well.

I was able to understand and appreciate my son as the wonderful, unique human he is. And the more I was able to tune in to him and his journey, the greater we both benefited. He made some really dependable gains developmentally and I was right there with him, on every step of HIS journey.

I am drawn to share the Parenting by Connection model with you because of the deep and lasting change it has brought my family. Parenting and caring for children is challenging! With the right support it can also be rewarding, fun and beautiful.

I would love to support you too! You can find me at or on my Nurturing Connections Facebook page.

~ Skye Munro, Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia

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