Sophie Acott

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Sophie uses the Parenting by Connection approach personally and professionally; living and breathing this philosophy with her four young children, and empowering other parents to succeed through a deeper understanding of the synonymous relationship between the parent-child connection and sleep and behavioral challenges.

As a certified sleep consultant, Sophie has worked with families for many years using traditional behavioral methodologies (with varied success), Sophie recognized that there was something amiss. Existing mainstream Cry It Out and no-cry “sleep training” techniques lacked sustainability and failed to acknowledge the inextricable link between the parent-child
connection and sleep challenges. Not only this, but there were limited methods that could
empower parents with the tools and confidence to overcome sleep challenges as their children evolved beyond the baby and toddler years. After being introduced to Parenting by Connection in 2015, Sophie began applying the fundamentals of how children’s emotions work, and the various parent-child connection tools to her sleep practiceᅳwith outstanding results. Sophie maintains that: sleep is a biological and emotional process, not a behavioral one. Behavioral sleep issues develop when a child’s emotional needs remain unmet, and the most effective way a parent can meet these needs (and consequently create lasting, positive change) is through connection and emotional well-beingᅳof parent and child respectively.
Having witnessed such a profound transformation to her own parenting journey since
implementing the Parenting by Connection tools, Sophie is passionate and committed to
supporting other families to overcome their own unique parenting challenges, restoring joy, vibrancy, happiness, and harmony to the family unit.

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