Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker3Stephanie became a mum to a beautiful baby girl in 2009. They live together with her daughter’s father in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the UK. She discovered the Parenting by Connection approach when her daughter was a baby and became an instructor in 2013.

Stephanie was blown away when she discovered Hand In Hand Parenting. Although she adored being a Mum right from the beginning and knew about the importance of listening to a baby’s tears so that they could heal she found it really hard to do in practice. The missing piece was that she herself wasn’t being listened to. When her baby was first born after a traumatic three days of labour she had plenty of tears and Stephanie felt she was being drowned in them and unable to listen like she wanted to.

When Stephanie found herself a listening partner and took her first course with Hand In Hand Parenting it was a different matter. Finally she was being heard about how hard and wonderful being a parent was and this made a huge difference in her ability to listen to her daughters feelings.

Immediately she knew she wanted to become a Parenting by Connection instructor so that she could share this work with as many people as possible. It took her until 2012 to find the resources to do the training but in that time she started running parent support and study groups in her home which were a big success.

Stephanie is passionate about this work and what a massive difference it makes for children and parents alike. Parenting is very challenging but the tools you learn in this approach can help you turn any situation around no matter how hard and impossible it looks. They also help to create the loving and joyful connection that we all deeply long for with our children.

You can read more about how she’s using the tools to face challenges in her own family both on the blog and on her Facebook page .

You can reach her via email at or call her at +44 (07915386803)