Suzy Heltzel, LCSW

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Suzy Heltzel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides play therapy for children and counseling for parents in a private practice in Los Altos.  She educates parents through classes and workshops and is also available to do in-home consultation and coaching for families in the local area.

Suzy learned about Hand in Hand through her work at the SJSU Child Development Center, where she supported the children, parents, and teachers at the center for 10 years.  After talking more with Patty Wipfler, she joined the Instructor program and became certified in 2007.  Suzy found the connection tools to be powerful both in parenting her three children (who were then 6, 4 and 2) and in her work with parents of young children.

“Allowing children to have a wide range of feelings and staying with them when they need it most has been instrumental in my parenting and work.   I especially enjoyed bringing physical play and playfulness into my family culture as that has increased the joy and connectedness for us all. The idea that everyone is doing their best has helped me respond with empathy to both myself and my children. And my listening partnership has been the key to being able to be there for my family and my clients.   I am grateful for the influence of the connection philosophy while raising my children (who are now teenagers) and I find fulfillment in helping people discover the power of connection in their own lives.”

Suzy can be reached by phone at 650-380-9944 and by email at  More information is available at her website

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