Tara Brown

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Tara Brown is the mother of twin girls, and she has been using the Hand in Hand Parenting approach formally in her family since 2010. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended Play Mountain Place for ten years starting in preschool.

She left LA to attend MIT and Yale University and studied Architecture. Love and life brought her to Phoenix, Arizona, and she practiced Architecture for over 14 years until her twin girls were one year old. Tara quickly realized that her most important job was to parent her children well, and this began a journey and a long search for a parenting approach that aligned with her unusual Freeschool to Ivy League educational background.

Tara recognized that Parenting By Connection gave her words and tools that aligned with the humanistic educational approach she had grown up with at PMP. The factual basis in Brain Science appealed to her scientific mind, and the Listening Tools and connection building appealed to her intuitive mind. Finding Hand in Hand was like coming home.

Having taught and lectured to high school and college students, homeowners, and the public, Tara’s thrilled to be bringing the Parenting by Connection approach to Arizona as the first certified instructor in the state. She is excited to help families thrive through using these tools.

Tara is especially interested in working with families with twins or higher order multiples, whose children have had early medical intervention, and/or whose children have been frustrated at school and reluctant to learn.

You can read about Tara’s experience using the Parenting by Connection tools with her children in Why Listening Works and Parenting That Heals Painful Memories. Contact Tara via email at tlbmccay@cox.net

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