Usha Sangam

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Usha is the mother of a lovely young woman, currently in college. She has been a Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor since 2007.  You can read about her use of these tools here.  After a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and 18 years in the software development industry, she obtained her CA teaching credential and shifted her attention toward teaching school-age children (K-8 and middle- and high-school math) as well as toward parent education. She loves teaching and tutoring children of all ages and finds it greatly satisfying when she is able to help them move through overwhelming emotions and open up towards learning at their full potential.

Usha is deeply committed to supporting parents and teaching Parenting by Connection through classes, talks, support groups, and one-on-one consultations. She believes that connection between human beings is the foundation for emotional well-being and finds her work with children and parents very fulfilling. She is particularly interested in issues relating to learning, emotionally intense children, gifted children, children who struggle in the school system, homeschooled children, as well as families who are working through fear, anxiety, aggression, and trauma. During her four years working as the Program Manager for Hand in Hand Parenting, she enjoyed connecting Instructors and parents for a deeper understanding of the Parenting by Connection tools through a variety of classes and events. She lives in California and currently teaches Mathematics to middle-schoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Read about Usha's use of Parenting by Connection on our blog.

Listen to this short audio clip with Usha responds to a question from a parent about how to help her child with learning, from the audio recording of the teleseminar “Helping Your Child With Learning And Homework,” available in our store.

You can hear more from Usha on our audio recording of the teleseminar “‘Where Did My Child Go?!' Connecting and Setting Limits Around Screen Time,” also available in our store.

What parents are saying about Usha:

“Usha, I am just so impressed by your amazing listening skills and your ability to hone in on what it is that we need to release, whether it is through crying or laughter, or other emotions.  I just really appreciate that.”  A parent from one of Usha's BEU classes

“I want to thank you, Usha, for helping me to reveal some underlying motivations, feelings, and emotions, and it's really great to bring them up into my consciousness and my awareness.  Thank you.”  A parent from one of Usha's BEU classes

“I am getting so much out of this supportive class and am really appreciating the deep work currently underway in me, myself and I (and in my relationships!). Thank you so much for your wisdom, insights and skillful facilitating.”  A parent from one of Usha's BEU classes

“Usha Sangam is a truly gifted BEU instructor.  So much of what BEU teaches is counter-intuitive to even the most well-informed parent.  Usha has a marvelous way of communicating the power of the Hand-in-Hand approach at a direct, emotional level, so that BEU participants can access the profound love that underlies our fears and worries as parents.  And she does this while creating a group environment where participants can share their parenting challenges without fear of judgment or loss of confidentiality.”  A parent from one of Usha's BEU classes

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