Vanessa Galvani

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Vanessa Galvani has a degree in Education and was a former preschool teacher for about 15 years, she also has a Master Degree in History of Culture, Art and Education and is a specialist in Early Childhood and Reggio Emilia's Approach, she is bilingual (Portuguese and English) and have lived in the U.S. for about 4 years and now lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She is also a Coach and founder of Instituto Emocionar where in the past two years has worked with about five hundred parents teaching the Listening Tools in Brazil.

Vanessa came across Hand in Hand Parenting while talking to another mother in Brazil and found out the booklets online. Her first daughter was almost one year old by that time and she fell in love with the tools. Now she is pregnant of her second daughter and is excited about using the tools since she will be born.

She is passionate about helping parents get the support they need to think well about what works best for their family. She has seen this transformation in her parenting and wants to help all the families in Brazil and has a Youtube Channel and an Instagram where she talks about the tools and shares the most popular Hand in Hand blog posts in Portuguese and it's well known for the parents in the Social Medias.

She has a website and in Portuguese you can also find her on Youtube: Vanessa Galvani's Channel and at Instagram: @vanessagalvanioficial and she can be reached at

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