Hello, I am Xi. When you read this introduction, I believe it is a form of fate and connection. My hometown is Leshan, Sichuan, China, a city famous for its “Leshan Giant Buddha”—the largest stone Buddha in the world. I have lived in Beijing, China, Palo Alto, California, USA, and now reside in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I am the mother of two boys. In 2018, I joined Parentlab.com and began researching and experiencing various projects supporting parental work and personal healing. During this process, I encountered “Hand in Hand” and started to explore “Listening.” This method differs greatly from others developed in scientific laboratories because it is profoundly simple and requires complete openness to experience. As my experience deepened, I increasingly appreciated the power of “listening.” It not only allowed me to truly see my children’s development and needs, making our relationship closer, but it also helped me understand myself better. Through deep listening, I healed myself, found my inner strength, and felt reborn. Listening is a double-edged sword; it continuously reflects and repairs one’s inner self while deeply understanding others and empowering them.

With the changes brought about by listening, I increasingly wanted to share this straightforward tool with more parents, especially Chinese parents who do not speak English. Therefore, I participated in and received certification as a listening facilitator. Every time I work with parents, I am deeply moved and touched. On one hand, we are troubled and challenged by everyday parenting issues, as if parenting has become an invisible pressure and burden, and we seldom have the opportunity to experience the love and joy that children bring to parenting; on the other hand, I deeply feel the profound, selfless love parents have for their children at their core. Through listening, I hope to help every parent rediscover the joy and pride of parenthood.

Previously, I was the head of overseas operations at Parent Lab and the co-founder of ParentLab China. I also enjoy meditation, regularly practicing Mahamudra, and am currently attending a three-year training program in Anthroposophic Art Therapy in Järna, Sweden. I enjoy gardening and hiking in my spare time.


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你好,我是禾西。当你看到我的这个介绍时,我想这也是一种缘分和连接。我的家乡在中国四川乐山,一个以“乐山大佛”——“世界上最大的石雕大佛”而闻名的城市。我曾经住在北京(中国),Palo Alto(加利福尼亚州,美国),现在住在波特兰(俄勒冈州,美国)。

我是两个男孩的妈妈。我在2018年加入了Parentlab.com,开始调研、研究和体验了许多支持父母工作以及个人疗愈的项目。在这个过程中,我遇到了“Hand in Hand”并开始体验“Listening”。它与其他在科学实验室里被创造出来的项目有一个很大的不同,那就是它的大道至简,需要全然的开放去体验。随着体验的加深,我越来越体会到“倾听”的力量。它不仅让我更加真正地看见孩子的发展和需要,使我与孩子的关系越来越亲密;也让我越来越多地了解自己,并开始通过深度倾听疗愈自己,找到内在的力量,也让我自己感觉获得了一次重生。倾听是一把双刃剑,一面让你不断地照见和修复自己的内在;一面让你深入地理解他人并以此给予他人无限的力量。


我以前是Parent Lab的海外业务负责人,ParentLab中国的联合创始人。我也很喜欢冥想,一直在练习Mahamudra,并正在参加瑞典Jarna人智学艺术疗愈的三年培训项目。日常喜欢种花种草,徒步旅行。


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