Yael Rosenthal

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Yael is an Israeli instructor, a mother of four children ages 3-12. Her love for listening started when she was a child and she has pursued this passion as an adult. She worked as a mediator and an instructor in Israel and did her Master degree in conflict resolution and mediation at Tel Aviv University.

As a Mom she is aware of the importance of listening. She uses this tool to open her heart and mind for her children. Yael found Parenting by Connection to be so helpful and powerful, especially during those challenging moments with her children. Parenting by Connection has given her the opportunity to connect and to have the support she needed in order to be attuned and present with her children. These tools bring so much joy, laughter, play and connection to her family that she wishes to spread them to other families as well.

Yael became a certified Parenting by Connection Instructor in 2011 and her work includes giving talks, teaching classes, and leading parent support groups.
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