Zsuzsanna Egry

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Zsuzsanna Egry is the mother of three children of ages 8, 6, and 2.  After having traveled and worked as a volunteer in Swaziland, France, and Ireland for several social, cultural and environmental NGOs, she became a single mother and discovered how difficult it was to be a parent.  “No matter how hard I was trying to do it well, it all seemed to be going wrong. The love that my baby boy and I had for each other was just not manifesting in our relationship.”  It was at this point that she discovered Parenting by Connection.  Following the suggestions in the articles on the Hand in Hand website – especially insisting on getting laughter going – she started to completely turn the situation around.

Now, after getting married and having two more children, she says, “At the beginning, the Parenting by Connection tools were my survival kit: it saved my marriage, helped my kids get along much better, and helped me survive the intense hard emotions that I used to have.  Now, it is a way of life that brings lots of fun, joy, love, and many moments of grace into our lives, and that makes the challenges and difficult moments a lot easier to handle. I know that I have the tools to bring us back to a connected family life, and I love sharing the ‘how' with other parents, so they too can share the love they have for each other within their families.”Zsuzsanna lives in Hungary and enjoys teaching Parenting by Connection.

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