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“Ask Me Anything!” Parents’ Choice, with Shelley Macy

6950 Hannegan Rd, Lynden, WA

With all the love in our hearts, parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and assistant teachers want the very best for our children. We develop so many skills and ideas for nurturing our youngsters. AND we all have questions about situations, ages and stages, our own responses, what could be better, and how to navigate particular issues. […]


Meeting Children’s Needs While Meeting Your Own, In-Person with Shelley Macy

6950 Hannegan Rd, Lynden, WA

I love sharing the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting with parents, teachers, caregivers, and everyone interested in the well-being of children. AND I find they all could use more support for themselves as they navigate these complex times. Learn how meeting children's needs and meeting your own really aren't in conflict using the Hand […]

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