Look at the Bonuses You Get in Parent Club

Yes! We told you there would be bonuses when we opened Parent Club for 2020.

Parent Club is the most supportive, non-judgmental group for parents like you who want to feel calm, kind and confident about the way you raise your kids.

As well as all the amazing live calls, monthly Q&A’s, parenting challenges, fridge-lists, inspirational quotes and our wonderful group forum, everyone who joins Parent Club before January 14th will get these goodies:

Bonus # 1 – Free Setting Limits class. Nail how to set limits that kids REALLY listen to, without yelling, rewards, or punishments. (Value – $39)​

Bonus # 2 – Set of 7 Hand in Hand Parenting e-books: The total Hand in Hand framework (Value $29)

Your set includes:
– How Children’s Emotions Work
– Special Time
– Playlistening
– Crying
– Tantrums and Indignation
– Healing Children’s Fears
– Reaching for Your Angry Child

Plus, 2 bonus e-books:
Bonus: Setting Limits
Bonus: Listening Partnerships

Bonus # 3 – Free Hand in Hand Family Fun Game cards – 30 play ideas at your fingertips (value $30)​

Bonus # 4​ – 25% off ​Hand in Hand classes.

Join Parent Club Now

And if you get your skates on and decide you want all this good support and learning join before January 11th, you’ll get these extra special goodies too:

1 x Free coaching call with Emily or Kathy. (These consults are valued at $100 each)

1 x ticket to “Everything Play” Live Call with Instructor Kirsten.

1 x Access to our Playlistening Challenge. You’ll be a Playful Parent master by the end of this

1 x Live Q&A with Patty Wipfler, Hand in Hand Parenting’s founder. (Her consults are usually $250, so this is a great way to get her good thinking and attention for your challenges). This gets your membership off to a bumper start.

In fact, that’s an additional $500 dollars of free support for just $25 a month – less than .75 cents a day!

It is also the last time we can offer Parent Club at this price.

Imagine how good that investment in your family will feel.

If parenting feels like an endless chore, turn it around right now.

We can’t wait to see you and support you in Parent Club.

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