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Our Philosophy

Humanity is elevated when parents and children grow naturally into leaders who are inspired to solve problems creatively, nurture cooperation, show others compassion, and build thriving communities. The global problems of violence and racial and social injustice are rooted in disconnection. We aim to heal big ruptures manifested in the world by helping children, parents, and professionals recover from personal disconnection through a unique set of trauma-responsive, relationship-based caregiving tools that have decades of evidence behind them.

Easier said than done.

Our communities’  parents, caregivers, and all who care for children lack necessary societal support, making caregiving work more difficult amounting to additional stress. Parents’ needs have been systematically neglected, and they often face challenges that lead to deep feelings of loneliness and isolation. There is not enough support for the work of raising children or enough support or information to do the work well.

Additionally, educators and healthcare professionals have been under-resourced, and are burning out in high numbers. Trauma-responsive caregiving and peer-support tools that respond to the emotional needs of adults and the children in their care are critical to sustaining strong communities of caregivers and disrupting the transmission of trauma from generation to generation. When adults who care for children are well-supported, they become the secure and steady emotional leaders of their families. This creates a ripple effect that allows whole communities to thrive.

If we are to transform society into a just and cooperative one, there is no avenue more effective than empowering parents to heal from hurt, connect deeply with their children, and lead their families and communities.

Our Approach

We make the art of connection concrete with five simple, healing tools.

Hand in Hand’s approach introduces a novel theory of emotion translated into 5 simple tools. These tools can be easily integrated into family and classroom routines, helping structure child-led quality time, set limits, recover from big emotional moments, and reinvigorate parents and caregivers.

Our unique, evidence-based model consists of both adult and child-focused tools that can be used as prevention or early intervention across home, therapeutic, or classroom settings. 

We provide community support, 3-8 week experiential courses, staff training, on-demand classes, individualized consultations,  an advanced train-the-trainer program, and a large free resource library for anyone who wants support utilizing the Hand in Hand approach and tools. 

Over three decades, we’ve curated several program offerings to ensure caregivers can receive support and training at a time, in a place, and in a way that meets their evolving needs through the parenting lifecycle and ever-changing busy schedules. 

Whether a parent just wants to drop in for some extra R&R or is ready to dive deep into the tools and access a community ready to support them, we are there. 

Every person caring for or working with children and families is welcome to our approach, resources, and growing community. 


5 Tools

Special Time

Put your child in charge for a short chunk of time, as you delight in them.

Setting Limits

Stop off-track behavior with love and respect.

Stay Listening

Listen deeply with warmth and attention at the most challenging times.

Play Listening

Connect as you take the less powerful role and listen for the laughter.

Listening Partnerships

Exchange listening time with another parent to release stress.

Programs & Services

We meet caregivers where they are to ensure they can receive support and training at a time, in a place, and in a way that meets their evolving needs through parenting and ever-changing busy schedules.

Online resources, free support calls and articles

3 to 8-week experiential courses led by a Certified Instructor who will guide and support you as you practice and tailor these tools for your unique setting

An online community rich with resources and personalized support. Daily coaching, live calls, weekly learning opportunities and so much more

60-minute session with an instructor to find solutions for parenting challenges.

Year-long advanced Certification program to be able to teach Hand in Hand and be a part of our growing Instructor community

Equity Statement

The Hand in Hand approach is focused on fostering optimal human emotional and behavioral functioning so children, and the adults who care for them, can heal from the effects of systemic mistreatment and work towards justice and equity. Our train-the trainer program includes a structured opportunity for reflective practice using a peer-support tool with a focus on culture and identity as sources of strength and resilience; and the impact of racism, colonialism, and various identity and role-based experiences on caregivers’ own emotional functioning and caregiving capacity.

All community members have the opportunity to reflect on how to use these tools in the context of their own histories of adversity and lived experiences in regards to neurodiversity, physical functioning, gender, relationship status, family composition, socioeconomic status, cultural heritage, ethnicity, lifeways, and various role-based identities.

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