Certification – Class 8 Sections 1 – 3

During Zoom Class 8 we focused on using Hand in Hand tools with infants and adolescents, how to convey the Hand in Hand approach while you’re teaching, and using listening to work on physical pain,

Certification – Class 7 Sections 1 – 3

Please prioritize watching class videos over the other work assigned in Canvas. We cover different material in each section (except for adult Special Time in class 6). As you watch the class videos this month,

Write 1st Draft of Bio

Assignment:  Every Certified Instructor listed on our website has a photo and a bio to help parents understand that person’s life, interests, and special expertise. You’ll have one posted, too. So think about what parents

Foundations of Special Time (6 minutes)

Steps for Setting up Special Time with a Student 1) Set aside a short period of time (generally 2 to 5 minutes) that you will spend just with one student, during which there will be

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