Certification – Class 2 Sections 1- 3

Here’s what you’ll find in the Class 2 video. Please watch the content sections from all 3 sections: Section 1, 8:30-10:30am US Pacific 0-   Welcome 3:20-  Opening 14- Content Section- Attachment Theory As adults, our experience

Healthy Discipline and Setting Limits with Children
Shauna Casey

When Your Child Screams “Go Away,” Should You?

As parents, we want nothing more than to help our kids feel loved and nurtured. When they are upset, every cell in our bodies leans towards making them feel better. We ache to have the

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Healthy Discipline and Setting Limits with Children
Mihaela Plugarasu

Why Do I Keep Losing My Temper with My Toddler?

Getting angry with your toddler? Ask yourself this, How did you feel about your child becoming a toddler? While some parents mourn the loss of babyhood, most are eager to see their babies become toddlers.

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