Why I Let My Child Hit During Her Upsets

“My daughter, who is seven, always wanted to sleep in my bed. She went through a period of crying every night about sleeping alone. I listened to her cry each time, hoping it was doing

Hand in Hand Parenting

Belynda Smith

When I became a parent I was besotted! I read everything I could find on how to help my son thrive. Yet we struggled tremendously with sleeplessness, tantrums, aggression and a variety of life challenges.

How To Set Limits That Help Children Sleep

In this post on sleep issues, we talked about using play as a tool that helps children release the minor fears and tensions that hold them back from sleeping well. Sometimes those fears run deeper

Calm and Playful Responses to Help a Child Sleep

When a child resist’s sleep, he or she is not deliberately trying to manipulate or annoy. Bedtime often involves a period of separation between a parent and a child that can be confronting for them. Darkness

Bedtime: Handling “Go To Bed” Battles

Teeth-brushing, clothes changing and bath time refusals, followed by endless requests for drinks, food, and “one more story.” Yes, this week Elle and Abigail are talking sleep… or why kids don’t want to! Abigail admits

Five Games to Help with Bedtime Refusal

Laughter releases the tensions of the day and lets children relax and feel connected to you. And it’s way more fun than a power struggle! Download this list of quick games to help when your

Is My Stress Affecting My Child?

Dear Hand in Hand, There has been a lot going on in my life at the moment that I’m finding hard to deal with. I’m pregnant, not sleeping and my father recently passed away. Now

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