Next Steps – Building Ongoing Support

We are so honored that you’ve joined us for Refresh. We hope you will keep coming back to this classroom anytime you need to Refresh again.  This classroom will remind of the foundation or building

Emily Murray

Anouck de Boer

In addition to being a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting instructor, Anouck de Boer shares a psychology practice in the Netherlands together with Hand in Hand Instructor Marieke Sluijs. One of their services is supporting

Video: Key to Calm and Patient Parenting

Are you tired of losing it with your kids? Do you wish you were a more patient parent? You can be. In this video, Patty introduces a unique parenting tool you can use to create

What If I’m Just Not A Playful Parent?

“Play with me?” That one question is asked at least 100 times a day in most houses, by kids to their parents. Time and time again we hear that play improves connections. Greys Anatomy-creator (and former

Audio: Getting Kids to Listen

Ever feel like life would be so much easier if you could just get your child to listen? Are you frustrated by seeing the same difficult behavior over and over again? Listen to this free parenting call

Playlistening – Play that Solves Parent Struggles

Play is the safe cradle in which our children experiment, express themselves, and explore their world. Whatever the activity, your child is playing when her actions are spontaneous, she controls her role, and there’s no

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