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Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class with Belynda Smith

Want stronger, sweeter connections in your family? You are invited to join like-minded parents and learn about tools that will help your family thrive. Making empathy and connection the go-to response for parenting challenges, while

Brooke Bishara

I tried Hand In Hand’s listening tools at home and noticed a wonderful shift in my family. I nagged less. I found I could play a lot more and build cooperation at the same time. I learned how to bring connection into difficult moments. Power struggles eased. The deep love that had always been there now flowed more freely.

two happy kids on holiday

Making A Connection Plan For Happier Holidays

In Part 1, Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays we looked at a family on holiday. Three siblings were happily playing, until suddenly, without much warning, the bigger child pushed a younger

Staylistening to my Son on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and my kids were waking up at my house, where I live with my second wife and her daughter. My ex-wife and I share custody, and the kids go back and

For Dads

Dads Make a Difference: The Importance of Fathers in Helping Kids Flourish, a podcast with Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler Hand in Hand Parenting welcomes Dads to attend any of our events and classes

Next Steps – Building Ongoing Support

We are so honored that you’ve joined us for Refresh. We hope you will keep coming back to this classroom anytime you need to Refresh again.  This classroom will remind of the foundation or building

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