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Bad Feelings Don’t Make You a Bad Parent

I remember vividly the day I stopped a half-second short of slamming my two-year-old into the wall. He had just hurt the baby, and not for the first time. I was livid. I was almost out

What If I’m Just Not A Playful Parent?

“Play with me?” That one question is asked at least 100 times a day in most houses, by kids to their parents. Time and time again we hear that play improves connections. Greys Anatomy-creator (and former

The Day I First Partnered with My Child

The day that changed my life didn’t start out promisingly at all. My almost three-year-old son had pinkeye in both eyes. His eyes were really gunky, and he didn’t feel well. I managed to gather

The Science Behind Staylistening

Our children can pick really inconvenient times to melt down; they throw themselves on the floor in a flood of tears and refuse to go anywhere! They frustrate us when we are trying to get

What to Say During Staylistening

Our parents, for the most part, didn’t listen to us while we were having passionate feelings. This had never been modeled for them. We, in turn, are sometimes at a loss as to what to

Listening Partnerships – The Key to Calm, Patient Parenting

You’ve seen your children release their feelings of hurt and tension. They’re naturals! The minute something challenging happens, they dive right in to expel the tension. With a Listening Partnership, it’s your turn. So, What

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