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Hand in Hand: A Podcast for Parents


A Podcast for Parents from Hand in Hand Parenting

Welcome to the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast

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A Surprisingly Simple Tool You Can Use to Deal with Difficult Family Members

Reframing Your Past Could Be The Key To More Confident and Content Parenting

Five Myths About Kids and Sleep

The Great Halloween Candy Fight (Reprise)

Two Ways to Conquer Separation Anxiety

Lying: Why Children Lie And Ways to Respond

Why Are We So Scared To Disappoint Our Kids?

Emotional Projects: working with a child’s rigid behaviors

Defiance, Upsets and Power Struggles: Solving Common Child Behavior Problems

An Entirely New Spin on Sharing

Growth Mindset, Winning, and Why It’s Important for Your Child

What’s the Key to Happier Parenting? 

Have You Ever Avoided Answering Your Kid’s Tricky Questions?

A Four-Point Plan for Getting Back to School With Less Stress

A Little Lite Listening Partnerships Demonstration 

Sibling Rivalry: Abigail and Elle Talk Soothing Sibling Battles with Evie Granville

What to do When the Kids Run Wild

“Am I a Useless Parent?” Why There is No Pass or Fail in Parenting

Getting Past a Child’s Perfectionism: What Drives Children’s Rigid Behaviors?

“Let’s NOT talk about the kids”: What Can You Do When Parenting Feels Lonely

Celebrate your Microwins: Learning to Let your Kids Win a Little When you Set Limits

Kids and the Art of Traveling with Them

Handling Parenting Stress: Why You Can’t Give What You Didn’t Have

Angels Away, Hellions at Home: Why Do Some Kids Save Their “Bad” Behavior for Home?

How Much is Too Much? Tools to Help Children that Need Constant Attention

Tickling: Why You Might Want to Rethink Tickling Kids

Raising Boys and Girls Differently According to Brain Science with Dr. Michael Gurian

Why Telling Your Birth Story Can Help In Your Parenting

Tips and Tools for Tackling Transitions

Parenting Consistently: A New Approach That Actually Works

Listening to You: Real-Life Stories from Parents using Hand in Hand Parenting Tools

The Politics of Parenting: Feeling Good About your Role as a Parent

How to Keep Calm When your Kids Make You Crazy Angry

Talking Tweens (and their tantrums)

Children’s Aggressive Behavior Comes From This One Thing

Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events

Staylistening Surprises: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

What’s Going Well in Your Parenting?

Parenting and Brain Science. Say What?

Are Natural Consequences Actually Punishment?

Do Our Kids Manipulate Us?

Reaching Out and Finding my Tribe: Shouldn’t I Just Know How to Parent?

Special Time: Great for Kids, Difficult for Adults?

Making Changes: Resolutions That Actually Succeed

The Power of Rituals and Bringing your Family Closer

Curb Off-track Behavior with A Secret Ninja Parenting Tool

Forgiving Ourselves: When We Feel Like We Messed Up Parenting

Bedtime: Handling “Go to bed” Battles

What Helps Children Feel Gratitude?

4 Listen up, Kids! Getting Children to Listen

3 Screen Time Doesn’t Have to Mean Scream Time

Meet Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald

2 The (Terrifying) Transition to Toddlerhood

1 Halloween Candy and the Unfairness of it All

Why A Podcast for Parents?

When children’s behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child’s emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family. Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald share the Hand in Hand Parenting approach in the podcast with useful examples and stories from real parents like you.

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