Finding The Fun

Strategies for infusing fun and laughter into your daily life with kids.

When we approach parenting with a sense of playfulness, it can make all the difference. Play has the power to melt away tension, create a culture where mistakes are okay, and leave us feeling more open and flexible.

And yet, the burdens of daily life can leave us feeling heavy.

Plus, how can you possibly be playful when your child asks “why,” for the millionth time, or snatches away a cookie you already said no to?

It's possible – and it makes parenting feel a whole lot lighter.  

That's why, in this podcast, Emily and Kathy explore how you can incorporate more play into your parenting, from books you can read to games you can play. 

If you want to go from drab to fab, why not join us this week.

Come find out how to nurture your funny bone,  have some fun and get playful with your kids!

Tune In To Hear:

  • Who is your comedy mentor? And why identifying one is so helpful.
  • Feeling crabby? Act crappy! Emily shares how this game can be used whenever your patience is low. 
  • Where to look for more play inspiration.
  • Does play leave you feeling powerless? Learn to indulge it and make it your superpower.

And don't forget to pick one of Kathy's action steps to really find your funny this week. 

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The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
Finding the Fun

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