How to Shift Seriousness & Stress in Parenting

And have more fun with your kids instead

It’s natural to want to react quickly as a parent. Whether your child  has spilled their juice all over the carpet, or they’re refusing to do their homework, a first instinct is often to scold or discipline them – even if you made 100 vows not to. 
However, today hosts Emily and Kathy talk about an alternative approach that might seem a bit unconventional at first. It’s a way you can really close the gap between being the happy, free parent you want to be, and the angry, frustrated parent that so often pops out of your mouth. (It happens to us all!)
This week, Emily and Kathy are discussing how to stop angry, reactive responses using laughter or silliness. And although it might sound a bit silly, this technique can actually be incredibly effective in reducing stress and tension, both for you and your child.
Sometimes all it takes is a quick burst of humor or silliness to turn a frustrating situation into a fun and lighthearted one. 
This kind of playful redirection doesn’t always come easy.  After all, being a parent is a serious job, and it can be hard to let go of our adult responsibilities and just be silly. That’s why Emily and Kathy also share simple ways to  identify and redirect your frustrations, with plenty of  ideas you can try out to get started. 
After all, when you are laughing with your child – that’s one less thing to stress about. 

Tune In To Hear:

  • How laughter actually helps you to access your thinking, responding brain so you don’t blurt out hurtful words or say things out of anger. 
  • Why it’s helpful to identify the sensations you feel when you begin to get triggered, so you can take action quickly. 
  • A primer on the flight/fright/freeze system that tangles our thoughts and actions.
  • Many playful responses you can try right away, as soon as you feel frustration starting.
  • Why you should learn to love potty humor as much as your kids do!

And, as always, Kathy and Emily suggest one thing you can do this week to make playful responses a go-to habit. 

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How to shift the seriousness and stress of parenting and have more fun instead
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
How to shift the seriousness and stress of parenting and have more fun instead.

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