Rebuilding Connections

How To Repair Things When You Lose It

There's an idea out there that a good parent is serene, caring,  all-knowing-never-cross creature…

It's such a fairytale fantasy.

The reality really is so much more human. It's messy. It's awesome. It's draining, delightful, sometimes dreadful and so on: Parenting demands the full spectrum of human emotion for many, many, years.  

And we're sorry to break the news but it turns out a human can't alway be perfect for that much time!

Sometimes the stress and heaviness of a phase of development or certain behaviours just bring us to our knees because we're triggered or because we don't have the support or skills in place to respond to them with intention the way we to it just happens.

The way to weather these difficult moments is to get really good at repairs and apologies.

In today's podcast, we invite you to hear about the many ways you can reconnect with your child and make repairs after you lose your cool. 

These ideas are heartening and restorative – and every parent deserves to know them. If you have more then we'd love to hear from you. 

Tune In To Hear:
  • How to shift away from frustration and anger before you get overwhelmed
  • Two strategies you can use to blast away stress in the moment when things get heated -and you can't get to a listening partner.
  • Why involving your other senses can be so helpful when you need to cool down.
  • Soothing mantras and reframes you can use to recenter.

And don't forget to choose one action to practice this week to see real results.

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Rebuilding Connections: How to Repair with Your Kids After Losing Your Cool

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