Master Parenting Collection: 7 Audio Collections in One


When you're too busy to sit and watch a parenting video, these easy to use audios are ready to go with you in the car, to the park, even help while you cook dinner or take that much-needed walk.


Master Parenting Collection: 7 Complete Sets

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You'll get all the audios shared in each of these collections:

  • Best of Parenting by Connection: The Basics
  • Antidotes for Anxiety: The Confident Child Collection
  • Anti-Aggression: The Peaceful Child Collection
  • About Parenting: The Science and Strategies Collection
  • School Success: Helping Children with Learning Collection
  • The Power of Laughter: Connecting through Play Collection
  • Sibling Success: The Sharing and Growing Collection

You'll hear from a variety of Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors from around the world and other experts including: Hand in Hand Parenting Founder, Patty Wipfler; the author of Playful Parenting and The Art of Roughhousing, Dr. Lawrence Cohen; and Aha Parenting founder Dr. Laura Markham.

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